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 About us & our region  


Map SW Victoria

We are a community group devoted to the enjoyment, study, protection and restoration of the natural environment in South-west Victoria, Australia.   Our group is based in the Shire of Southern Grampians.

Our activities are open to the public.  We welcome like-minded people to join us in enjoying the wonders of our natural heritage and helping to conserve it for future generations.

Our landscapes:

  • Ancient volcanic plains with seasonal lakes and other wetlands and grasslands.
  • Volcanic scoria cones, stony rises, lava caves and Manna Gum/Blackwood forests.
  • Sedimentary plains and tablelands with heath, woodlands and forest traversed by the Wannon and Glenelg Rivers.
  • Sandstone ranges of the Grampians National Park and Black Range State Park.
  • Coastal cliffs and beaches.

Our activities:

We cater for interests in natural history such as bird watching, wildflowers, bushwalking, geology, caving, Aboriginal cultural heritage, photography and local history:

Day or weekend excursions each month to natural areas near Hamilton.

  • An evening presentation with guest speakers every second month.
  • Flora, bird & mammal surveys.
  • Provide information on local natural history, landscapes, flora, fauna and geology and contribute to the process of consultation on management of public lands
  • Environmental works in nature reserves (planting and weed removal) to restore degraded natural habitats and assist wildlife. 
  • Members serve on regional committees (e.g. Lake Condah Restoration; Shire Roadside  Conservation; Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management advisory groups).