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Bandicoots creating constitution

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Printed Books and Guides


Hamilton Region Nature Guide (Diane Luhrs, Editor, 2010).   

Folder contains the contents page and extracts of 8 of the 47 sites. The book is available from Slades Newsagency in Hamilton, Visitor Information Centres in Hamilton and Port Fairy, or at HFNC meetings.

Environmental Advocacy and Action 1958 to 2008 (Diane Luhrs, Editor, 2009).  

The cover and contents pages are presented in the pdf link. Out of print; available for viewing at the Hamilton History Centre, Hamilton Club, State Library of Victoria (Melbourne) and National Library (Canberra).

Indigenous Wildlife of Southern Grampians - a fold-out photographic species guide, available free from the Department of Sustainability & Environment (DSE), Hamilton, and from Southern Grampians Shire Council offices

Natural Temperate Grassland Species of the Victorian Volcanic Plain - a fold-out photographic species guide, available free from the DSE, and SGSC offices Hamilton


publications and reports - geology, fauna, flora, natural history


Fauna, Flora and Natural History


Geology,Geomorphology and Landscape


Nature Notes


Fauna Lists and Survey results


Frogs and reptiles of the region


Bird lists 


Bird Surveys Hamilton Area Wetlands


Bird Surveys, Coastal Wetlands and Beach


Bird Surveys Willaura and Lake Bolac area Wetlands


Mammal surveys in local conservation reserves 



Flora Lists and Reports

Vascular flora lists for local conservation reserve


Fungi lists for various conservation reserves 


Reports on management of flora on conservation reserves


Club documents, Trip reports, Project reports, Newsletters


Environmental Project Reports (including Weed Control) 

Newsletters and Tributes -1996 onwards


Annual General Meeting Presidents Reports 

Past annual programs for club activities & events


Excursion Reports



Submissions on fire and ecology

Submissions on forestry and ecology


Submissions on National Park & State Park management plans


Submissions on water, wetlands & drainage


Submissions to LCC & VEAC on Crown Lands management


Submissions on mining and other environmental matters